PO Box 363
Craig, CO 81626
(970) 272-3000
Our Products:

8-18" Boulders      18-24" Boulders
24 -36" Boulders    36" + Boulders

Stone cut veneers:
-varrious shapes and sizes
-cut 1/4"thick

All Rock is to CDOT Spec.
Specs available upon request.

Screened Rock: 
1 1/2"

Cut Rock slabs:
Are a special order product
Cut to your thickness, sold by weight

Counter Tops:
Are a special order product.
Come in Reds or Greys

Trucking/ Hauling:  
We provide hauling of all our products.  In state or out.
Semi with End dump, Belly Dump or side dump             $115/hr
Dumptruck                                                                              $90/ hr