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About Us
Moffat Limestone Company
About Moffat Limestone Company
Established in 1981 by the Steel Family
Purchased in 2014 by the Anson's
The Quarry was originally established to supply the local power plant with mineral grade rock that is used in the scrubbing process. 

The quarry has a large seam of rock that is 95% or better Calcium Carbonate or CaCO3. 

It is a blased rock so it was also used widly for roads as it has all fractured faces after crushed.  This kind of rock locks together and holds up really well through heavey traffic on dirt roads. 

Our rock is a gray in color with a touch of shine!  It can be used in yard edging or as a decorative element at your home.

The Quarry recently started cutting rock for stone veneer.  Veneer is used for siding on a house or shop.  It can also be used to make a flower garden or line a pond bottom. 

Our limestone is a very dence durable rock that does not crumble with the weather. 

For more information or more facts about our Limestone in NW Colorado, please feel free to contact our office.  We look forward to hearing from you!